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  1. It is a lot clearer all right.  Since posting, I have increased the font size a bit and tweaked the colour a bit further.  It’s growing on me!

  2. Yes, I like it a lot too because of the font size and contrast. I need to increase the font size on contrast on my blog.
    You might consider tweaking the size of the font in the comment box.
    Overall, the theme seems a little “cute.” But maybe you are planning to post pictures of kitties?

  3. Richard

    I can’t see what I’m typing so forgive any errors.

    I agree with Sixty. But before you go looking for kitten pics, I think the stuff in the header (if I’m using the right word) is too cartoon-ish, and wonder if there’s a way to put up more realistic images of the actual items. And what are those hearts? And is that an upside-down stamp on a postcard, and tickets to the blog awards?

    Plus the whole header needs to be brought down a bit. I find myself leaning in, trying to see up further. A black marble background would look nice. This seems too cloth-ish.

    I think I prefer the comment icon at the end of your posts. It’s too hard to scroll back to the top. And who threw a tampon in your coffee?

    Most importantly, where’s the fancy pipe?

  4. @Sixty – Point taken about the size of text in the comment box.  I think I have improved it somewhat?

    Cute?  That isn’t a word that had sprung to mind, but I think I can see where you are coming from.

    @Quiet Reader – I didn’t design the theme myself, so I can’t answer your query about the hearts.  They look like lenses of some kind?  If I had designed it myself, I would have left out the phone, because mine isn’t like that at all.  That’s one of those fancy ones that all the kids are fighting over.

    That ain’t a tampon in the coffee cup!  I’m sure the RSS crowd would be most offended at the suggestion, for that’s what it is – an RSS feed button to allow people to subscribe to the site.

    I take your point about the comment button being at the top rather than the bottom.  I find this a little irritating in other sites that use this method.

    Maybe I shall mess around with the images, and maybe introduce my own, witha pipe included?  However, the theme is only up for 24 hours, so give us a chance!!

    @Maxi – Thanks!  I must say the ease of reading is a major factor in my choice.  Let’s just see if I can satisfy all of the people all of the time?  😉

  5. I liked the look of it all right, but as I said, I just felt it was getting in the way of what I was trying to do.

    Don’t get too used to this theme.  Having looked at it for a few days, I’m thinking of changing it again!


  6. Weee!  Richard!

    Clean. Clear. No fluff. Now it’s about the writing!

    Love it. But maybe show the whole keyboard, and I think most people will mistake the pipe for an airbrush. But then again, they prob wouldn’t recognize an airbrush either, and if that’s the case, you don’t need those type around anyway.  And I prefer the date at the top of entries.  Nice green highlighting too.

    Good Job!

  7. @Rhoderter – I’m puffing on it as I type.  At least no one will want to rip off the image!

    @Quiet Reader – I got tired of the new theme so put up a newer one.  The image has to be cropped to fit, otherwise it would take up half the page.  I knoew the pipe reminded me of something.. an airbrush is just as appropriate as a keyboard, if if people do confuse it?

  8. Richard
    Not sure I follow that train of thought. –

    You mean cuz they’re both creative tools for hobby or work etc, or is it because, when you type out your blogs, you paint over the real issues, or try to make them appear more appealing?

  9. Well…You know I’m not much of a critic but…
    I like the clarity and dimension to the pipe and goggles, though the earpiece is kinds funky I get the idea, but keyboard is now too flat.

    What if you took a photo of your actual keyboard with glasses laid on it and pipe at side or bottom, complete with a bit of tobacco spill and smudged up keys, taken from an angle that isn’t directly overhead.  –  Like how YOU see it when sitting at your computer. Maybe not possible to do, or to stick it in header. – I don’t know. Just a suggestion.

    Do it!

  10. I wanted to use the keyboard as a background to the overall image, rather than have it as an item in its own right.  In fact, it’s my wife’s keyboard, as mine is black, and would look a little sombre, but the pipe and glasses are my own.  I may mess around with some further photography or even tweak the existing image a bit more.

    One way or another, I have just written up my explanation for the whole change!

  11. So your keyboard is black…It’s yours, let’s see it. With proper lighting it may even turn out a better pic than with a white one.

    Great name!

  12. No, not casting… Pelting!

    Plus, with black keyboard contrasting with the white of page may look spiff. But…Then you’ll have to change the color of that stripe up top. – What about a dark brown marble, for RICHness and full flavor?

    Ha, I’m a right pain.

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