A bit about myself first.

I am "getting on in years" and a relative newcomer to Linux. 

In my previous incarnation as a slave to industry my work was heavily involved with computers and networking.  However we are talking about the era of Windows NT and dial up Internet connections and things have moved on a little since I retired.

Some years ago a friend suggested I try Linux Mint.  I was a little reluctant as I had had a little experience in UNIX but gave it a try.  I never looked back.  Microsoft and its clunky expensive products have been consigned to history and I have used nothing but Mint since.

So where does this site figure in the great scheme of things?

I had been running a reasonably successful "blog" for a few years and generally experimenting with WordPress and from time to time I came across problems with my various pieces of software.  In some cases solutions were easy to come by but others took a bit of research.  So basically I decided to keep a little log of my successful searches and fixes as a handy reference for myself.  Hence this site.

I suppose the title of the site is a little obscure?

The keyboard bit is self explanatory.

As for the pipe?

Why not?