This is a list of my personal favourites.  It’s not intended as a recommendation, but more of a reminder to myself of where I sourced the programmes.

VirtualBoxWebsiteVirtual PCs
Audacity [nightly]WebsiteSound Editor
Firefox [Nightly]WebsiteBrowser
Thunderbird [Nightly]WebsiteMail
pavucontrolSynapticReq’d for sound setup
SkypeSynapticI’net phone
Google EarthSynapticVirtual Earth
WineSynapticRunning Windows Progs
ShutterSynapticScreen grab
OpenShotSynapticVideo Editor
EasyTagSynapticSound Tag Editor
SoundConverterSynapticConverting file formats
Gnome-Control-CenterSynapticAdditional configuration
Tweetdeck [Windows Ver]WebsiteTwitter [run in Wine]
Y PPA ManagerWebsiteManage Repositories
VinagreSynapticRemote Desktop Viewer
Simple Screen RecorderInstructionsVideo Screen Grab
Grub CustomiserInstructionsGrub Editor
BitNami LAMP StackWebsiteLAMP Web Server
WebHTTrackSynapticWebsite Copier
BleachbitSynapticSystem Cleaner
gcolor2SynapticScreen Colour Picker