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  1. Why is your latest blog in the archives and the opening blog, the one we see when we visit your site, one from months ago?

  2. You have me there, Paulo.  When I enter the site I see the latest post.  Which post are you seeing?  And how do you visit the site?  Via RSS, bookmarks, mail?

  3. The lead blog for me is one dated Jan. 14th and titled ‘ compulsions and quanderies’. April blogs are at the head of the archive list. Sorry but I don’t know what RSS etc. means. I’ve built up a Favourites list of bloggers but I haven’t a clue where I go to read them except to the aforementioned Favourites list. I got yours from your brothers blog (hee-hee) and just did “add to favourites” and there you are.

  4. AHA! let me check that out and I’ll get back to you as soon as one of my daughters explains it to me. Standby. It certainly sounds like something I would do, unknowingly.

  5. Brilliant, and I didn’t even need the daughters. Thanks. Now I have a bunch of other blog sites to correct the same way.

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