Compulsions and quandaries — 13 Comments

  1. I’d say keep Headrambles Manor up and running at all costs and just hit this when you feel up to it. It’s hard to keep two running at your advanced age and mental condition.

    I subscribe to both in a reader, which I recommend to everyone as opposed to checking a bookmark daily. If there are no posts for a while I don’t really notice, then on the day there is one it shows up and I read it.

    I’m not going to unsubscribe if there are scant postings. I keep the reader set to show only updated feeds so when there are no postings I’m not even thinking about it.

  2. Follow-up comment – I think I have some personal blogs in my reader that have been abandoned and not posted to for some time. Since I’m set to show only updated material they stay invisible and I don’t feel like plowing through and clearing them out. They don’t show up so it doesn’t matter anyway.

  3. Cathy: The journal was merely a record of what I did on a day to day basis. It was particularly handy during my working days, and in particular when I was running my own business. I found it absolutely invaluable during the latter. When I quit all that, life became considerably quieter and my day to day records were boring the pants off me. Take it from me – it was nothing like the stuff that appears on-line!!!

    RhodesTer: Likewise, I have a huge list in my feed reader. Every now and then I go into ‘Trends’ and it can be quite depressing seeing the number of old favourites that haven’t posted in a year or more. What’s with the “advanced age and mental condition” bit? 😉

  4. I tend to agree with RhodeTer, he actually makes sense this time. 😉

    No harm in keeping this one around no more than there’s harm in me keeping a couple other sites besides Just Thinkin’ around. One I post to about as often as you post to this one (maybe less) and the other’s just a test site more or less which might or might not blossom into something more substantial later on.

    Of course there’s no question about “The Other Site” remaining. Sanity rarely requires an outlet but insanity always demands to be heard.

  5. RhodesTer does make sense sometimes (not often, I grant you, but sometimes). I do actually have an idea for a direction for this site, as an experiment – a topic I haven’t seen covered elsewhere. We shall but see.

    Incidentally, I love that last line of yours. An original?

  6. Yup, that one was 100% me. In fact I liked it so much myself I stuck it in my sidebar under “Semi-Wisdom”. Feel free to use it though. Costs too much to copyright these days anyway.

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