A bit of an overhaul — 7 Comments

  1. Grandad said to come over here and tell you it looks like shit or something. But no, it doesn’t so much. He’s going to be mad at me but won’t be the first time.

  2. @Rhodester.  Don’t mind that old fart.  He’s just annoyed that he’s not the centre of attention all the time.

    @Johnie.  Welcome to The Bright Side!

  3. Hi Richard,
    Very nice simple layout – thumbs up! Couple of thoughts…
    No border around the comment box (unless you’re changing it right now?)
    and wondering if the META links need to be present?
    Overall a nice refreshing feel.

  4. Good point on the comment box, Mick.  That has been rectified.

    The Meta links can be useful sometimes, and it’s a matter of courtesy to leave a link to the theme designer, so I have trimmed the links back a fair bit.

  5. Grandad said to come over and say you’r wasting your time…
    Looks good to me but then what so I know??

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