Iframes not refreshing in WordPress pages — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Richard, I’ve been meaning to try and find a solution to this caching issue for a while for a client site and you saved me a headache looking for it.

  2. Richard, whilst you are in probelmsolving2.0 mode, i have a couple of problems with Mint that are making my life hell and googling hasn’t provided any answers. I thought to ask here so others, with the same afflictions, might benefit from your wisdom.

    Problem One: HTSF (think about it!) DO I GET RID OF THE F***KING “Access default cock ring” thing ? It is driving me nuts! Everytime I fire up Chromium (other browsers don’t seem to like Mint very much) I get this

    Problem Two. For my Lill’Sis I have had to download various pdfs of Ancient tomes in Early Modern English (I am such a good big brother!). Unfortunately said pdfs are all museum quality scans -in other words each pdf is around 100mb in size and her ancient laptop can’t cope with them. So I thought ‘no problem, I shall convert the full shiny technicolour pdfs to grayscale and maybe lower the res” because I recall that can be done in Linux . Unfortunately all i get is ‘bitter and a nasty little rash’ (to quote the song) :


    • For a start, whatever about translating from Early Modern English, I have to translate from Norfolkish (or is it Norish?).

      First problem – removing the Keyring message…

      Open you file manager.  Make sure “Show hidden files” is selected (in right-click).  Navigate to .local/share/keyrings (note the leading dot!).  Delete all files ending in .keyring

      Next time you get that prompt, it will ask you to change your password.  Enter your Root password, and then for new passwords, leave blank.  Problem solved.

      Second problem – PNG file size.

      I very much doubt that greyscale is the answer as conversion can have very mixed results.

      • Many thanks for the solution to the Keyring thingy (who the hell thought that unnecessary annoyance up in the first place?). Googling had led me to try various things using the password/keyring manager thingy in settings…should have guessed that I’d end up in the satanic grimoire that is the ‘terminal’ but I live in the vain hope that one day one can use linux without having to make use of that particular necronomican-from-a-time-before-GUIs . Anyways rming the .keyrings worked a treat, thanks.

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