Serving up media (Part 2) — 2 Comments

  1. You can actually use Banshee to import an audio CD complete with the album name and title of each song already in place. One drawback is that Banshee imports all tracks as .ogg and you still have to use SoundConverter to convert to .mp3 (I set it to convert to “Very high” quality” mp3).

  2. Indeed you can but while that is quicker, it’s not without some niggly little problems.  For example, I imported the three CDs above and ended with four folders – there was a fourth one entitled “Queen & David Bowie” containing just one track!  Also while the Meta information was excellent it still had some shortcomings.  For example, the Genre tag was not entered at all.

    Really what I was trying above was a brief introduction to the two programmes.  Even after importing through Banshee, both SoundConverter and EasyTAG will still be required.

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