Firefox New Tab — 3 Comments

  1. Any update from Firefox ver. 11 will be welcome. Both version 11 for Linux and for Windows is horrible. Slow, buggy and prone to crash. I have used Firefox ever since changing from the Mozilla browser. Version 11 has been a P.I.M.A. since I upgraded to it. I’m tempted to download Opera or Safari. That is how frustrated I am with it. When it crashes in Linux there is no way to get out of it and a hard reboot is the only way to continue. The windows version is only better because I can end the crashed program without having to reboot the PC. I’m looking forward to ANY update!

  2. I presume you are familiar with the delights of XKILL?

    I created a shortcut which comes in very handy! Control Center -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Add. I entered XKill for name and xkill for command, and then created a hot-key combination (in my case Ctrl + Alt + q)

    Any time anything hangs (which is rare) I hit my combination and then click on the title bar of the hanging programme.

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