Taking a backward step — 3 Comments

  1. I’d heard that you’d had undergone a regression of some sort. Glad to hear it was Linux related and not something of a more personal nature…
    (much later)
    Ya’ know, I just realized I started writing this comment 2 hours ago, got called away for dinner and never finished it. Too bad. it was going to be heck of a comment too.

  2. This may sound like heresy but I haven’t once regretted my move. I still zap the cursor up into the top left corner the odd time, and it does mean an extra click to get to my desired programme. A whole click! Wow!!

    It’s only now that I realise how many things were excluded from 12. It’s nice to have my old screensaver picture scrolling back. I had also forgotten that neat little yoke where you place the cursor over a music file in Nautilus and the file just starts playing. Little things like that.

    But the speed……….!

    Took me five hours to write that.

  3. No heresy at all. That’s the beauty of Linux after all–choice. Being both it’s greatest strength and it’s greatest weakness (all apologies to The Architect).
    You can still get that ‘Overview’ thing by driving your mouse cursor into the upper left-hand corner (or any other corner) via Compiz, by the way. Unfortunately, I’m booted into LM 12 at the moment and I can’t quite recall what you have to set in the Compiz Settings Manager to get this. I have this set in LMDE so I’ll boot into that later and let you know.

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