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  1. Not too sure about Irish blogging being dead. Perhaps it’s just merely unemployed at the moment? And I’ll give it a good 3 months before I consider a blog being demised (not counting those that have some sort “I’m giving it an indefinite rest” disclaimer somewhere) and even then I’ve seen the occasional miraculous recovery. Not often though.

    Thankfully, the Irish blogs that I visit on a regular basis are still there and going strong. In fact, I’m now off to the darker side of of Irish blogging right now to visit a certain acquaintance of mine. I’m sure you’ve heard of him. Goes by the name of ‘Grandad’?

  2. It seems to be very quiet though when compared with a couple of years ago. One sample indicator is IrishBlogs which was an excellent blog aggregator. . That seems to have died the death last May.

    Of course they may be loads of new blogs on the scene that I’m not aware of, but I have just discovered Irish Blog Log which seems to do a good job (though I haven’t a clue exactly how it works!)

    As for that Grandad bloke? Steer well clear. He gives the genre a very bad name.

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