Linux Mint 12 (Lisa) — 4 Comments

  1. I didn’t think I’d like Gnome 3, but I’m liking it so much that I find I’m doing things using the pointy-click interface instead of the console as I usually do.
    Only problem I’ve noticed is that sometimes X locks up, usually when on a complex website (opacities, shadows, etc).
    Still haven’t tried Mint. I’m too used to the RedHat way. but I’m open to try it…

  2. As I said, I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and have had no problems with it so far.

    I am a relative newcomer to Linux but am a complete convert. I started on Mint and have stuck with it. Just to be sure I wasn’t missing out, I tried most of the other flavours (in VirtualBox) but Mint does all I ask of it. It’s Ubuntu based (and Irish) and I would highly recommend it.

  3. I have to admit I was a bit troubled about Linux Mint going to Gnome 3/gnome-shell DE for it’s main edition as well as (sometime in the near future) LMDE. However, I find myself really enjoying Mint’s version of Gnome 3/gnome-shell despite the few little niggles that you point out. MATE is starting to flesh out quite nicely as well despite it still being in it’s infancy.

    But the thing that really surprises me is that two old codgers like us are still flexible enough (in mind anyway) to accept a new type of desktop environment (I guess they would call it a new desktop paradigm?).

  4. You are never too old to learn! I did make a conscious decision to work with Gnome 3, as that seems to be the future as imposed on us. If it was inevitable, then I thought I had better get used to it, to the degree that I am not tempting myself to use MATE. It’s fine as an emergency fall-back but that’s it.

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