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  1. What you’re seeing in first image is the Gnome 3 “Fallback mode” and not the proper “Mintified” Gnome Shell environment which requires 3D support. If you haven’t installed the proprietary video driver for your computer this fallback mode is what you’ll get. The Gnome shell environment has two panels as well but the traditional style menu (added by Mint) is on the lower left corner as usual with the Gnome (3) shell “hot spot” in the upper left corner. The new Gnome 3/shell Mint menu is crude yet but it’ll be improved.
    In Mate: If you have installed the latest updates the Mint Menu is available by first removing the old style menu you mentioned and then right-clicking on the panel, click on “Add to panel” (can’t recall the exact phrase here–I’m sure you know) and scroll down the items till you see “Mint Menu” and add that to the panel. Position accordingly. The Gnome 2.32 Control Center has been ported to Mate in the latest updates by the way which is nice. Mate still has a lot of bugs yet but it’s really shaping up.
    I do like the Mintified Gnome 3/shell environment as well as Mate (lousy name though. It’s actually pronounce Matay but it’s  for search purposes it really sucks).

  2. About an hour after writing this, my RSS reader told me that the Mint blog had been updated.  One of the first things they mentioned was that the Mint Menu had been ported into Mate.

    Personally, I really like the Mint menu, especially the Favourites panel, and find it very simple to use.  I would be prepared to use a standard menu if it came to it though.  However She Who Must Be Obeyed uses the Mint Menu and would hit the roof if I had to remove it.  So at least now my future is safe!


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