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    It may be a false alert, but be careful, just in case.

    I have removed every reference to the site I can find, but I’m still getting regular alerts. Very irritating.

  2. Oooh.. It’s not a false alert. I wouldn’t recommend anyone going there!

    The redirect goes to some dodgy Russian website to run some java applet. At least that’s what it did before my browser crashed.

    Had a look at the page source and it seems like aren’t really doing their job!

  3. Ouch! My Avast won’t even allow me near the site which is a point in it’s favour!

    So it looks like the site has been hacked.

    All I can do is hope that my e-mail is read.

  4. I have a question, sorry totally unrelated but how do you unsubscribe via Google Reader. I have two sites I no longer follow and consistently unsubscribe them but they keep coming back. Very annoying. Watch that Russian thing, I think it could be the same thing JD had a while ago and it killed his site.

  5. I presume you have tried ‘Feed settings’ -> Unsubscribe? That should do the job.

    Having said that, I still can’t find the feed for the infected site. I am still getting regular warnings and it is really, really annoying. I’m not worried about infections as Avast won’t let me near the site.

    Fuck! Just had two more alerts.

  6. Being booted into Linux as I am and currently immune to this sort of thing, I bounced over to to see what’s up and it appears the emails did have an effect. The site (when going to the news section) now states it’s in the middle of relaunching and has taken down all sorts of files.

    By the way…Happy New Year, Richard.

  7. And a very Happy New Year to you Kirk.

    I know from bitter experience that a hack like that can take a lot of work to clear out. I had a case or two in the past where they not only uploaded a load of files, but inserted code into existing files (including .htaccess). It was a real pain in the arse.

    He should be notching up the hits though – his News page recycles every three seconds!! 🙂

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