Typing backwards — 7 Comments

  1. Very bizarre. Haven’t come across similar myself but I presume you have seen this:

    In any case, go to Windows control panel and open the Java control panel. Click on the ‘Java’ tab and make sure that both ‘Runtime Options’ only have one entry selected (pick anyone but make sure it is the same for both). Just like this screenshot:

    Might be a long shot but it could rule out a java conflict.

  2. Thanks for that, Robert. Unfortunately, it is a very difficult thing to replicate. Anyhow, I checked my runtime options, and sure enough, bith were checked. All I can do now is wait and see……..

  3. Hah! Update to the above – I was typing a comment, when I realised the first word had appeared with each letter on a new line, reading vertically upwards, thus –





    Work that one out!!

  4. Interesting prublem boot nut oone-a thet I’fe-a ifer eecuoontered elthuoogh it dues seem thet oozeers hefe-a dooe-a tu hefeeng sume-a surt ooff Jefa epplet roonneeng et zee seme-a time-a.

    I du seem tu hefe-a unuzeer rundum prublem thet crups up frum time-a tu time-a. mekes me-a suoond leeke-a zee Svedeesh Cheff. Bork Bork Bork!

  5. Haha . . well one practical joke that I’ve played a number of times is turning someone’s desktop upside down. Alt Ctrl Arrow will flip yer screen . . hours of work time fun! I’ve never had the backwards typing and I use Firefox all the time. Let me know when you solve it, another practical joke in the making muwahahahaha!

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