Kaspersky Internet Sour — 10 Comments

  1. We’ve been using Avast for some time now. It’s very reliable. It just sits there on its stool, checking IDs and not letting in too many guys. Never a complaint. Once in a while it has to bounce some asshole because the asshole is groping a blond and arguing with the bartender, but he gets em’ out quick and quietly, with little fuss.

    On top of that, the other workers go about their jobs and hardly notice him.

  2. I have been using Avast for years now and have had no problems with it. Considering its price (free!!) it is somewhat untouchable. That’s what I get for reinventing the wheel!

  3. Been using Avast myself ever since discovering it on the client computers when I worked in the local Internet cafe.

    I tell you, it’s done a hell of a job since then. Much better than that McAfee shit that came pre-installed, or even… *shudders* Norton…

  4. Every time I buy a new latop/PC [sounds good? Doesn’t it] the very first thing I do is strip off whatever damned antivirus package they have lumbered me with.

    I used to use AVG but had a couple of problems with that. Leastwise, I have no complaints about Avast. Yet.

  5. A wise man knows what tools need to be used for the job at hand. (some anonymous wise guy said that I suppose).

    Be that as it way, I’ve been using Avast! for over two years now since giving up on Panda Security Suite which used to do a fine job but became more bloated with each new version. Now I have my “never update/never change my software…ever!” wife using it also. Amazing how much faster her PC runs and how fast the Innerweb has become.

    Ummm, is there a “Subscribe to Comments” check box around here somewhere or am I missing the obvious?

  6. The near disaster today was caused by removing a load of stuff that was no longer needed for the business. This in turn led to a lot of crud lying around – hence the reinstall. You can’t beat a lean machine!

    ‘Subscribe’ seems to have been a casualty of the server move. It’s back up. 😉

  7. Ah, good. I shall make use of it then. BTW, for keeping your Windows install nice and clean I recommend CCleaner (of course) for the basic garbage left lying around on a daily basis and “Revo Uninstaller” for making sure that when you remove a program it removes everything not just some of it. It’s freeware and works like a charm.

  8. Thanks for that Kirk, though there is nothing so thorough as a good spring clean. Apart from anything else, I find I think long and hard about installing any software after!

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