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  1. Determining stats is a tough one. The only method I trust is going through the log files. As a matter of routine I block icerocket, google analytics, woopra and others so chances are the only way you can see that I’ve been here is by this comment obviously and what ever is in your logs.

    What I do use in addition to the logs is called Piwick. Very similar to google analytics. I’ve written about it here:

  2. For the more “numerical” of stats, I use the Statpress plugin for WP (since that’s all my site is). Hits on things like the images I hotlink from my server, meh.

    Although I do tend to go more on a comment-rate. As in, if people comment, then I consider that to be a proper hit.

  3. Robert: That looks very nifty, but unfortunately my PHP isn’t up to the scratch. I could upgrade it, but as I’m dumping the server it doesn’t seem worth the effort. Maybe when I relocate to my new small server I’ll give it a bash [pun intended].

    TheChrisD: Why wouldn’t a comment be a valid hit? I would consider any file load [excluding images, includes, CSS files and the like] is valid.

  4. You are therefore underestimating yourself! I would estimate that about 5 to 10% of visits translate into actual comments, based on experience from HR.

  5. Why do you want a lot of hits? Is it so that the site becomes a viable commercial proposition? I’m with Chris . .then I don’t advertise or make any income from mine, it’s purely a hobby. I can understand the need for hits if you’re actually receiving income from the blog.

  6. I can understand the need for hits if you’re actually receiving income from the blog

    That is called ‘hitting the nail on the head’!!

    I just found you in my spam box agian, Baino…

  7. Dammit. That’s my new ISP! Ah well then. Go for it. Whatever it takes I guess.(Might need some hot tips after May 15!)

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