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  1. Richard, just because you decided to start a blog doesn’t mean that updating it has to be a burden. Post when you feel like writing something factual that wouldn’t suit the style of Grandad.

    Nothing wrong with having nothing new posted for a month and then having a slew of new stuff 🙂

  2. Maybe I overstated the ‘time and effort’ bit..

    What I meant was that I had started it, but it seems to be so sporadic as to be almost a waste of space on the Internet! You’re right though – I’ll leave it ticking over and maybe someday it’ll find its niche?

  3. It’s here now. So just keep it running. Whenever you feel the need to counterpoint, then you have this ready made avenue.

    Also, I like this blog.

    Also also, you have no hope of ever changing our opinions on your level of sanity.

  4. What I said, dummy. That I turn to it for comfort and consolation. That’s actually what weed is for. But I like your blog anyway.

    Okay, I don’t smoke weed anymore – that’s a crock. Don’t believe anything I say.

    Except that I like this blog.

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