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  1. After a almost a year I have finally almost reached my payment level. Revenue from ads are a most curious and inconsistent thing. Traffic levels on my three sites remain consistent each day but yesterday I didn’t get a single click but the day before I got an unprecedented 10!

  2. After two years, I received one cheque, and there is another due now. I once earned $10 in a single day, but would frequently go for two or three weeks with nothing. It just isn’t worth the hassle.

  3. I was thinking about it, just for a little ‘extra’ income but I agree, it’s very distracting on a web page. Is it worth the returns? I mean if it’s just a couple of hundred a year, I wouldn’t botther but . . .

  4. What? You mean you can make money doin this stuff?

    On another note, I bought the book this evening. It took a place of pride in the local bookshop (for me anyway), in the Irish setion right beside my favourite short story writer, Frank O’Connor. Hope it’s going well for you. Looking forward to bedding down with it later.

  5. AdSense off my blog for awhile now. 2 years of having it on there and I just reached the halfway point to my first check.

    Still, it seems like sort of a tradition and all to have it. We’ll see what happens in 2011. I should reach the payoff point by them I figure.

  6. Baino – A couple of hundred a year? You might make that, but….

    It actually took me 27 months (I started in November 2006] to make a grand total of $209. In theory it pays for the hosting, but it’s not worth the mess, in my book.

    Jack – You are bedding my book. That is kinky!!

    Kirk M – I don’t know what happened to your comment. Do you have a black holein your keyboard?

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