The lazy hazy days of Winter — 6 Comments

  1. It would be nice to choose what I want to do rather then being told by someone else what to do. I wish you good fortune.

    Of course in my case if I ever would reach such a state, my wife would have no trouble find things to keep me occupied. I’ve sometimes remarked I come back to work to get some rest.

  2. Baino: For too long I have been nagged at by unseen forces to get some thing or the other completed. Now I am going to relax and do things at my pace. I feel like a ton has been lifted off my back.

    Jim C: Welcome! Your day will come. If you are concerned about your wife, may I suggest that a basball bat is a very good method of control? One of the handier tips I picked up from Grandad.

  3. I keep saying the very same thing to my Dad. If you keep working and working, then when do you actually get the chance to enjoy your retirement?! Well done you, take it easy for a change.

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