To kill or not to kill — 3 Comments

  1. I too haven't been on here for a while; however I hope you don't delete it because it has been so useful.  Like when, a few years ago, after upgrading my Linux Mint, Google Earth absolutely refused to have anything to do with me, despite my need to frequently use it.  Hours of messing about trying to fix it became days, then after about 2 weeks I found this blog which me gave a fix that seemed so simple there was no way, after all the tecky stuff I had tried, that it was going to work.  But it did.  I now use Linux Manjaro but your fix is right there in the background!

    In a previous life I coded my first website using little more than a text editor and a book about HTML.  A few years later I had progressed to a stolen version of a commercial application called Dreamweaver.  And so it went on.  However I am now starting to build my first website using WordPress.  I am using WordPress because it requires little technical knowledge, other than learning to understand the interface so I can pass the buck to someone else if I get bored or some Chinese bat eating lab produced virus gets me before I get the chance to become herd immune or inject disinfectant!

    I am going to need your blog about WordPress and I would like to pass it to my successor.  Don't delete any of your stuff!



  2. Please don't kill. I don't visit very often, either but i have lived with Firetray for many years and will not upgrade Thunderbird because of it, although Thunderbird is showing its age. Openvpn is a godsend – thanks again.



  3. "On second thoughts, I have enough on my plate."

    So? Get a bigger plate and it won't seem so full. Keep the site up and running I think. You never know when you'll come across some sort of fix for something that you'll need to post here.

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