Rebuilding a WordPress site from nothing — 2 Comments

  1. [Tried to load this page a minute ago and only code came up. Now everything seems fine.]

    You should make more of this I think, do WP themselves have a blog or forum where you might post this up? Surely ‘HELP! I deleted my blog, I mean REALLY deleted!’ must be a reasonably common thing?


    • Welcome BD!

      This post may be of some little help in pointing people in the right direction if they are trying to restore a dead site.  However, the core of the process lies in the code I used which I wouldn’t make public for two simple reasons – it was hacked together into a programme that any child would sneer at and more importantly it was customised for each individual run so I wouldn’t know which version to put up!

      Basically, the programme opens the Index file.  It then searches for specific tags and extracts the information from between them.  That extract is then treated to remove any coding which may break the display such as line breaks or control characters that may upset MySQL.  In a lot of cases, the image links were modified to cater for the new installation as the original archiving had thrown the links all over the place!  The sanitised code is then inserted into the database.

      There are many improvements that could be made such as testing a new version of a post against an old version to see which had the better content but my original aim was to just get the site up and running.  I also have to see about updating posts to assign their proper categories – a job I have yet to do.

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