Resetting an Iomega iConnect to default settings. — 17 Comments

    • You are a saviour man… Now during 2017 end theres absolutely nowhere on the internet that has a valid download link for iConnect’s imager. Worked like a charm. If possible, pls keep the link alive.

      Thank you

      Thank you

      Thank you


  1. Whats an Imager ? Is it the Iomega firmware or the Iomega iConnect installation S/W ? Can you please elaborate and also if possible (since its been a long time for you) to give the link ?

    Meanwhile I am trying from my side also.



  2. Hello all, found an iomega iconnect that wouldn’t function as described. Downloaded the imager from Sadhu’s site and I can’t unzip it, asks for a password?

    Sadhu could you please let me know what that password would be.


  3. Thank you Richard, not sure if this will work but I have downloaded the Image file as well as uploaded/copied to a flashdrive using an image writer program.

    Now will try and “flash” the iconnect and see if the last 3 days of trying to figure this out will bear fruit.

    Thank you all.

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