Working with Weaver II – Part 1 — 2 Comments

  1. The site looks really good, Richard and very responsive overall. I would have checked things out earlier but my wife’s store kept me occupied (and worn out) over the weekend.

    As I said, both this site and HR are very responsive since you switched to Weaver II, even more so than your old theme in the case of HR despite what the page generation times say. Perhaps that’s just perception but I don’t think so. One exception to that is posting of comments can be sluggish at times on HR. Otherwise, this has been a change for the better.

    • I noticed that sluggishness all right.  The whole Admin area can be quite slow, but that only affets me so I'm not worried about that.  Possibly there may be an issue with the plugin I use for the TinyMCE style comments but I don't think so.  I'll keep an eye on that anyway.

      When I upgraded HR my intention was to stop there.  However I found so many benefits to using Weaver that I decided to go the whole hog and patch both other sites as well. 

      My only problem now is in a) remembering that I have nested comments (I just got into the habit of commenting at the end of the comment stream each time) and b) keeping track of new comments which may be a reply and therefore further up the stream.  In other words, my one-dimentional comments section has now become two dimensional!

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