Essential Linux Software — 3 Comments

  1. for me, I also like to have
    vim: best text editor ever
    tightvnc: I have too many machines scattered around the house. this lets me work on them from one seat
    synergy: this lets me use one mouse and keyboard to control multiple machines, without any dedicated hardware.
    mplayer: for videos.
    amarok: for music.

  2. I forgot to mention KRDC!  I had been ,meaning to see it I could find a better VNC client as KDRC causes some problems.  You prompted me to try TightVNC – had some problems with it – it didn’t the cursor properly  and locked into full screen mode.  I have just discovered Remmina which seems to work very well.  Thanks for giving me impetus to search!

    As for the others, I am happy enough to stick with the defaulte – Gedit, Banshee and the like though I may poke around for some alternatives.  I have yet to see a Linbux text editor that can beat Textpad though.  I miss that!

  3. On a somewhat vague on topic point, If you’re running Linux Mint 12 (and I know you are) you’ll find there’s no ‘Users and Groups’ applet any longer and making VirtualBox fully functional requires adding your user to the ‘vbox’ group and attempting to do so without the above app get’s interesting. You’ll need to install ‘gnome-system-tools’ to get ‘Users and Groups’ back.
    Alacarte should have been installed by default as should ‘Users and Groups’ but for some reason they weren’t. There are times when I have to wonder about some of the decisions being made Linux-wise these days. Thanks for the list!

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