A fresh start with a new domain — 14 Comments

  1. The old address redirects to the new one okay for me anyway with the exception that the old URL remains in the address bar of my browser instead of changing to the new one. You need to go into your cPanel (or whatever admin panel your host offers) and check your redirect set up and/or check your .htaccess file and make sure that the old address is redirected to the new one using a 301 redirect.

    I’m sure you’ve already done this but it’s worth checking again?

  2. BigYin:  Welcome here anyway!  If you want the smokey bit you’ll have to stick with Smoking out the Truth.  I suppose the pipe is just a metaphor for sitting contemplating why technology sometimes hates me.

    Sixty:  Are you in league with that CIA lot over there or whatever the equivalent is in Costa Rica? 

    Kirk M: I tried several things.  You obviously caught it at a stage where the old domain was pointing to the new site.  I now have it set back to the old site and have put a 301 redirect into the .htaccess there.  It seems to be working happily now anyway?

  3. I’ve got smoking out the truth covered and now I’ll mark this sites card as you mentioned a few words that are firmly in my camp, TECNOLOGY and IT HATES ME.
    I am no stranger to computers and building them. I have/had three, one main comp, a laptop and my newest purchase a Galazy tab 10.1 tablet.
    The main comp needed an overhaul as it was a number of years old so I ordered a Barebones comp from the net, barebones means it only has the motherboard and the box so I bought the CPU chip, memory and a CPU cooler fan.  When I conected it to the monitor I got the response “no signal.” Tried a few things after searching the net but it seems that the motherboard is knackered. Now I have to box the whole thing up again and send it back.
    Even though I know my way around the innards of a comp I still end up pulling my hair out.
    Oh well, that’s life I suppose.

  4. Kirk M: It took a little tweaking but I got there in the end.

    TheBigYin:  You are more than welcome.  I occasionally have trouble with technology, and the solutions can be hard to find.  I started this site more as a notebook for myself as for any other reason.  However, I get a lot of searches from people who have encountered the same problems which is great.  Next, I’ll have to convert you to Linux!

  5. Hey Rhodster – Richbook? Fine then. I’m doing alright for the most part. Just picked up a new bad habit called insulin. Shooting it up as it were. It took awhile to get it right, kept getting the cat you know. Probably should have gotten it off my lap before the injection?
    And yourself? All is well in San Fransisco?

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