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  1. hi Richard,
    I did the same only a few weeks ago. we ( started doing blogs for people, so I installed a copy of WPMU and migrated my own blog to it.
    The way you map your domain to it is:
    1. create the wpmu blog which will become your new blog, and import your stuff into it. You’ve already done this.
    2. log into the backend of the new blog.
    3. under “tools” in the left menu, choose “domain mapping”.
    4. add your domain name to it. don’t set it as the primary domain yet.
    5. repoint the A record of the old blog so it points to the WPMU one.
    6. when the propagation is completed, set the domain as the primary domain.
    Did I understand the problem right?

  2. Thanks for that Kae.

    The problem as it stands at the moment…

    The Primary (base) blog is set up using the domain ‘’.  I copied this site into a new child blog on WPMU, and its address is now ‘’

    I can point ‘‘ at ‘‘ but the latter still appears in the address bar, as it’s only a pointer.  What I want to do is create an alias so that every instance of the string ‘‘ is replaced by the string ‘‘ thereby giving the impression that it is a standalone blog.  So basically, I want there to be no difference between the old and the new in all cases.

    Will your fix do this?

  3. ah – no, I don’t think so. I always set my sites up as full domains in their own right, so converting a subdomain blog to a full domain is something I didn’t have to do.
    hmmm… I might have to play around with this to figure it out. not right now, though – well behind on my book, and I need to catch up on that and my work. hopefully on the weekend I’ll have the time to try some things.
    in the meantime, you should ask at the wp forums.

  4. @Kae,

    Just for the hell of it, I installed Doncha’s Domain Mapping Plugin and followed your instructions to the letter.  Didn’t work.  Server not found!  It’s possibly because I’m using a shared IP?


    I honestly don’t know what the story is with the integration as, as far as I know there isn’t a pre-release of WPMU3 so I don’t know what’s coming down that track.  Presumably though the problem of domain mapping will still remain, no matter what the architecture of WordPress?

  5. As far as I’ve read, Chris D is right in saying WPMU has been merged with the WP trunk. From WP 3.0 on, WordPress (single site) and WPMU will be available as a single download.From that point the install can be set as single user or multiple user. Once that’s done the features/functions/setup should be the same as before for either one or the other.
    Seeing as how you’re rather more experienced in the domain mapping and working with WP DBs and the like I can’t offer any ideas from my own experience but this thread from the WPMU forums might give you some ideas.

    It’s somewhat dated but I don’t believe anything has really changed as far as the functions are concerned.

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