The Nintendo DSi — 8 Comments

  1. I have an Asus Eee that’s not much bigger than the DS. The chief problem I have with it is trying to figure out how to use the Linux platform.

  2. Kirk M: I’m quite a hotshot at Age of Empires too!!

    Ian: Be very careful of Linux. It is highly infectious and causes a nasty rash of nerdishness. Side effects are a compulsion to post on forums and an irrational need to gloat at the problems of Windows users.

  3. I don’t scoff at the problems of Windows users. I just feel sorry for them. (Of course, this comes from a guy who used to pay for the privilege of beta testing new OSs and software from MS back in the 90’s.)

  4. You obviously haven’t been using it long enough to get infected. Or else you are immune, through some strange heredity?

  5. I like my Eee but have no understanding of operating systems. I must admit to wishing that I had delayed buying it until a Windows version was launched.

  6. I’m really not sure a DSi, even the XL version, is the ideal thing to be using for connecting to the Internet and doing day-to-day things on it.

    That’d probably be the sort of thing you get one of those Internet tablet based phones or something.

  7. If I had to use it to browse the Internet, it would drive me demented. I only connected as an experiment. I am quite happy to rely on my old laptop to do the grunge work, and my phone shall remain (to me) a means to phone people, though I can connect to the Web with that too! 😉

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