The Nintendo DSi — 8 Comments

  1. I have an Asus Eee that’s not much bigger than the DS. The chief problem I have with it is trying to figure out how to use the Linux platform.

  2. Kirk M: I’m quite a hotshot at Age of Empires too!!

    Ian: Be very careful of Linux. It is highly infectious and causes a nasty rash of nerdishness. Side effects are a compulsion to post on forums and an irrational need to gloat at the problems of Windows users.

  3. I don’t scoff at the problems of Windows users. I just feel sorry for them. (Of course, this comes from a guy who used to pay for the privilege of beta testing new OSs and software from MS back in the 90’s.)

  4. I like my Eee but have no understanding of operating systems. I must admit to wishing that I had delayed buying it until a Windows version was launched.

  5. I’m really not sure a DSi, even the XL version, is the ideal thing to be using for connecting to the Internet and doing day-to-day things on it.

    That’d probably be the sort of thing you get one of those Internet tablet based phones or something.

  6. If I had to use it to browse the Internet, it would drive me demented. I only connected as an experiment. I am quite happy to rely on my old laptop to do the grunge work, and my phone shall remain (to me) a means to phone people, though I can connect to the Web with that too! 😉

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