A change of name? — 18 Comments

  1. I saw that. And I’d have to spend my time telling people it’s Consern with an ‘s’, not a ‘c’, and it’s the second ‘c’ that’s an ‘s’ not the first ‘c’, because that stays as a ‘c’.

    You see (cee?) my problem?

  2. Hello Richard

    Yes, this challenge is still in my head. (Rambling around. )


    No, not really.


    Condense and tweak?


    Your award-winning specialty site!

  3. I like the pipe part. It shows an interesting character and a relaxed state. The slippers have been bothering me. I wanted to express leisure but slippers are too soft, and perhaps not fitting. ( Did they get you the wrong size again. )

    The name needs more substance. Something you can chew on.
    Compromise – AmidPipeAndKeyboard

    I’m still not pleased.

    Come up with something soon. I need this brain cell to work on other things.

  4. Richard

    I am overdue for my Gd fix. Starting to get the shakes. Oh wait… That’s normal.

    Hope everything is ok with you and yours.

    If not, then I hope for patience and strength for all those involved.

    Quiet Reader

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