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  1. Heh! That is an old problem. I don’t know what the minimum is but it’s around the three or four characters? Anyway, I doubt that would piss Google off enough that they wouldn’t crawl the site?

  2. Tom: That isn’t the problem. Both this site and Head Rambles are set up on the same server with identical server configuration. I can assure you that the other site has no problems whatsoever!!

    Kae: That is very, very strange for a couple of reasons. For one thing, I know of a few sites that link here apart from Maxi’s, so why is his the only one showing? For another, that eBay site has no link anywhere back to here (and I hope you don’t think that site has anything to do with me, BTW? 😉 ). I checked through their source code, but no links. I have never seen that site before (thank God!!)

    I checked your suggestion in the settings and it is set to the default – accessability is set to ON.

  3. Interesting that has an Alexa ranking of 326,000 while this site is only 13,000 behind at 339,000. Three possible conclusions: lots of people are visiting here without being picked up by your stats; McWilliams’ site is getting no traffic, or Alexa is bonkers.

  4. Mick: Welcome to this obscure corner of the Web! As far as Google is concerned, this site does not exist (as my post tile says!). I can’t see why it should be sandboxed, as according to my Google account, the site is there, verified and all the rest but just not indexed. They give no errors apart from the ones I mentiones (the Sitemap problem) but that’s it. Very odd.

    Ian: I can assure you that this site has very low traffic indeed. I have no idea why the Alexa ranking is so high, so all I can assume is that Alexa is bonkers!

    Tom: This is going from strange to surreal! I have no idea why that cached page is there, unless the domain was registered by someone else in the past. However, I went into Wayback, and they have no record of the domain at all.

    I’m begining to toy with the idea of renaming the site and going with a new domain. I never liked the current name anyway…..

  5. No. It just gives a graph for the last 90 days and gives bland figures – Pages crawled per day: High 34, Low 1, Average 11.

    One thing that is strange is the only error message – It complains that it can’t find “robots.txt”, but it says it is looking in “/2009/01/03/it-is-out/”. Maybe for some strange reason, it is taking this directory as being the root of the site?


    I used Google’s tool to view the site as a crawler and got the following –

    HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
    Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 16:36:11 GMT
    Server: Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) FrontPage/
    Content-Length: 338
    Keep-Alive: timeout=15, max=100
    Connection: Keep-Alive
    Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1

    301 Moved Permanently

    Moved Permanently

    The document has moved here.

    Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) FrontPage/ Server at Port 80

    It looks like I may have found the problem.
    The fucking site was hacked and the .htaccess compromised.

  7. WHOIS!…

    Domain Name: DOORMONEY.US
    Domain ID: D10091504-US
    Registrar URL (registration services):
    Domain Status: ok
    Registrant ID: DI_1335546
    Registrant Name: Maximilian Berkovich
    Registrant Organization: Rasta Community
    Registrant Address1: Ann Karelina street 123
    Registrant City: DeepTown
    Registrant Postal Code: 34543534
    Registrant Country: Ethiopia
    Registrant Country Code: ET
    Registrant Phone Number: +21.43534532

    Plane ticket!?


  8. Maximilian Berkovich is dead meat. I’m handing his details to Grandad, and I don’t give a shit if he is a Rastafarian or even an Ethopian!!!

  9. what a clever little hack!

    Most of the hacks I’ve had to clean up range from obvious datacentre-thrashing network-hogging bots, to unobtrusive spam links embedded in blog articles or even in HTML files.

    This one is /smart/ though! very very nice.

    In a nasty bastarding kind of way, of course.

  10. It was clever all right – the addition of a couple of lines of code that only applied to Googlebots, so I never noticed.

    It must have been hacked around the turn of the year, as the last search to reach here was on the 30th December. Now I have a feeling this site has been blacklisted, so I have had to lodge an appeal. That could take ages to resolve.

  11. I’m not that worried, now that I have found the cause. Anway, I have plenty to occupy myself – am busy trying to hack


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