Mobsterworld are a shower of gangsters — 6 Comments

  1. I dunno. I found that they were quite helpful for cleaing out my Twitter stream by unfollowing everyone who got suckered into it… (with the exception of Grandad, of course!)

  2. Yes. It’s a problem. Get your Twit to log into Go to Settings -> Connections and to immediately disallow Mobsterworld access to the account. Your Twit should then change their password. Problem solved

  3. I got one of those invitations in the name of Grandad too but I hadn’t got around to accepting it. I really should devote more time to writing anyway so I was thinking of letting him know that I wasn’t going to join.

    Unfortunately or fortunately as the case may be, I haven’t got around to doing that either.

    But now I’m completely flummoxed as to whether I should join or not seeing how you two are always trying to put the screws to the other.

    Heck with it…I’ll stick with writing. Thanks for the warning.

  4. Kirk: There were people who got invitations from Grandad that neither of us had even heard of. That application is a nightmare, and should be blocked entirely from the Web. Apart from anything else, it’s a bit of a money making scam – to get anywhere in the “game” you have to buy points for hard cash.

    Stick with what you’re best at – the writing. 😉

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