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  1. Nice one, that’s great info.

    If I update to the latest version of WordPress on a self hosted domain, will I lose template features or anything else?

  2. Absolutely not. Upgrading will not affect the template at all.

    Having said that, I would suggest you do a database and file backup first, and disable all your plugins. After you upgrade, re enable the plugins again.

    I upgraded seven sites and had no problems. Certainly none of the templates was affected.

  3. Thanks Richard,

    I’d nothing to be worried about, turns out my domain host did all the backing up and upgrading all at once with the click of a mouse.

    Don’t see much of a difference in anything though. Wonder what the upgrade was for?

  4. There are quite a few tweaks in 2.8. All the visible parts are in the admin area, but there is a lot of invisible stuff, like trying to speed the whole thing up a bit!

  5. You just want me to tweak my blog and blow it up so it’s not exactly like yours! Been there, done that and Kirk M. brought me back.

    Eventually he convinced me I had it so screwed up I should just dump it. I think that’s what caused his personal plumbing to back up.

  6. Sixty: It just occurred to me that this is the only blog I run that I haven’t tweaked in any way. I like it as it is. I think you should change yours though……

  7. I’m ever so slightly surprised that there wasn’t any mention of index.php either, for those who want to make rudimentary changes to the way their posts are laid out providing there aren’t other templates that override them.

    But then again, that’s just my “I custom code all my styles” head talking… 🙁

  8. TheChrisD: You are right about index.php, but for general customising that can normally be left alone. The only time that comes into play is if you wish to hard code some feature into the main page. I deliberately didn’t mention hard coding as that is a little advanced for this single blog post?! That would virtually require a blog site of its own….. 🙂

  9. Fantastic. I have a WordPress ‘private’ site so I’m not that fussed about what it looks like because it’s only for my kids to read and my own journal but I blog on Blogger . . .any similar advice for that? Oh, fixed my Mac problem. Safari doesn’ work nicely with Blogger so Firefox has been downloaded and works like a charm . .even ‘his’ website is downloading faster so may not have been a problem on your end at all! Cheers 🙂

  10. Baino: Sorry, but I’m confining myself to WordPress. I have never run a Blogger blog, so I am not familiar enough to comment on it.

    My sites seem to have a mind of their own. Some run like the clappers, and some are snails. It’s driving me mad!

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