The start of spring — 9 Comments

  1. Maybe so but isn’t the correlation between trees and random thoughts just a little obscure? It would have looked nice on the cover though. I’ll use it for my next horror novel?

  2. Lovely tree. I’d love to look out of my window and see that instead of bloody sheep! We planted a weeping willow near the bottom of the driveway last year, and we’re hoping one day it’ll drape itself over the gates as you drive in. If we can pay the mortgage for that long!!!!

  3. It is a beautiful tree. I planted it myself about forty years ago when it was just a tiny sapling. I’ll shove up some more photos at some stage.

  4. I’m glad you shaved Mrs. Waterson under the tree… good timing given the rise in temperature.

    F’sake though… I could do without having to chase me potted plants around the garden! Some wind.

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