Spring is here — 6 Comments

  1. It is pretty early for them all right. I was even more surprised at the daffodils showing their tips. They usually don’t come up until the second half of January or later.

  2. Flowers? What are bloody flowers doing popping their little faces up during a winter like this one. I guess they didn’t get the memo that it’s freakin’ cold outside.

  3. Geez, where I’m from we don’t see these types of things until march at least. Around these parts January and February last about 6 months too (or at least they seem to).

    That’s it! I’m definitely moving to Ireland where I can see daffodil shoots in December.

  4. Brianf: What can you expect if you insist on living in a desolate place?

    Baino: Welcome! I think it’s a little early for bluebells yet? What do you mean ‘I have trimmed up nicely’? I was always nicely trim!

    Kirk M: Come to sunny Ireland and see the daffodil shoots in December, and Grandad shoot all year ’round. 🙂

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