Light at the end of the tunnel — 9 Comments

  1. Should be past midnight by now. How did the dancing go?

    Was out using the snow blower on the drive today cleaning up from last night’s snow storm. Shear pin broke on the right hand side auger right before I was done.

    Tomorrow’s Sunday…

    Another snow storm coming in…

    Gonna leave a foot whether the day lasts longer or not…


  2. Lovely post sir! For over 25 years, myself and a dear friend have vied to be the first to get the “Isn’t it great to see the lovely stretch in the evenings?” message to the other on the 22nd. He won last year with an IM message at 00.00:05 on the 22nd.

    But it really is marvellous to see the tiny little shifts, isn’t it?

    Thanks for a lovely reminder in the midst of the frenzy.

  3. RhodesTer: Tank you very mush. Don’t let him heer you say dat do.

    Kirk M: The dancing was fine, if a little chilly on the wobbly bits. At least we got our snow over with in Autumn!

    Rowan: Thank you for your kind words, and welcome to my quiet corner of the Internet. I love this day, and it gets completely overlooked in the mayhem.

  4. It is now the 21st. – and I hope you are enjoying your day!

    Personally I’m getting more and more curious about monday and tuesday – the 22nd and 23rd Dec., because apparently on one or both of these dates our celestial Sun is going to flip its magnetic poles (again). Don’t know what this might mean for our wobbly old Earth – and of course hopefully nothing bad – but apparently the Sun does this every 15 years or so… Did anything dramatic happen to us in 1993..?
    (I was reminded of this astronomical tidbit whilst recently re-reading Graham Hancock’s ‘Fingerprint of the Gods’).

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