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  1. Oooh, I get it now…Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Wow! What a premise for a new site. I have a great idea then…

    You can comment on each other’s sites. Yeah! Comment on one another’s posts, argue a bit and perhaps throw and insult or two.

    I wonder how long you could keep it up before someone became the wiser? You couldn’t use your real name though or link to this site. Might be fun though.

    That is if you could handle it mentally(pay no attention to me…I’m sick). 😛

    Oh yeah, I bought my first PC around the time you did although I had been walking in and out of huge main frame computers for awhile by then. It was a 386sx33 with 2mb of memory which I upgraded to 4mb at the cost of 70 bucks. Mine had a 30mb hard drive though. I paid $1200.00 for the thing.

    Now, my current old beater was top of the line in 2003, AMD 3200+ (P4 30ghz equiv), 1gb memory, 200gb HDD and came with a 17″ flat panel display for all of $600.00.

    One terabyte? Good Lord man. I’m still having trouble filling up that little hard drive I got (86% left).

  2. I’m not sure what the photos are. I have been too scared to look, and I want to have some kind of defense in court.

    The new drive is intended as a backup. If you add all my PCs up, the disk space come close to a terabyte.

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