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  1. Google Reader includes a button to dispaly all of ones reading list by length of time since last post – well, the top forty of each button.

    Weeding out the long time no write blogs is fairly painless.

  2. The problem with the Google Reader list is that it refers to my RSS feeds and not the Links. In other words, there may be sites out there that I link to but that aren’t on my Reader (and vice Versa).

    There are two ways of editing the redundant links – either I edit each link individually which is tedious, or I download the Table, edit the file and upload again. The latter is a lot faster but also error prone.

  3. I’m another one for the Google Reader method. Since most sites I would pay attention to have an RSS feed anyway, I can just sub to it and it will appear on my own links page.

    Sure it may bottle up your Reader, although I pretty much skim everything that comes in there these days anyway.

    I think the only main issue with it is that it doesn’t have the favicons appear in the widget.

  4. I’m a great fan of RSS readers myself. The only problem there is that I’m a Firefox fan and for some very strange reason they have dropped the RSS icon in the address bar. At the moment I’m using Firefox 8 and the icon still hasn’t made a return.

    They seem to be trying to push us into alternatives like Facebook and Twitter. That ain’t gonna happen here!

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