Iomega iConnect — 12 Comments

  1. I am sorry to hear about your experience and can assure you this is not normal. Please contact our technical support: it sounds like there might be something going on with the hard drives you have connected. When you contact Tech Support, they will need to know what type of hard drives and what format they are. Tech support contact options can be found at . Sincerely, Brad Director of Iomega’s Customer Satisfaction

  2. Thanks for that, Brad.

    I have in fact just sent a mail to your support department. I omitted to mention the drive information so I will append that to my submission. I don’t think it could be the drives though (and I could be wrong) as I have also used a USB stick also to no effect. The drives all work perfectly when attached to mt laptop, using either Linux or Windows 7.

    I have just discovered another symptom – I just noticed that one of the port lights is happily glowing blue, even though the USB plug was pulled about 36 hours ago!!

  3. Same crappy situation.
    I spent 2 full weekends trying to get it to work. NOT THERE YET!

    This is a faulty system and we deserve a refund. I tried everything. It boots up, recognizes the drives and within a few minutes it loses them and I can neither access the system from the iomega software not can I connect to it whether wired or wirelessly

  4. If it’s any consolation, my iConnect seems to be finally working after a year of frustration. No reason. It just started working properly. The web interface is up and the drives are networked. Even the Media Server works.

    Am I happy?


    2 hours to transfer 40Mb? Hah!

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