A new machine — 4 Comments

  1. Ten Mile:  I searched, but couldn’t find Rankin’s solution.  I found a nice tweak  though that does the job very nicely.  I’ll put the details in a new post.

  2. Packard Bell? I didn’t even know they were still in business. My first PC was a Packard Bell. A 386SX33 with a whopping 2 MB worth of memory. Paid $80 for another 2 MB. Can’t recall what DOS version it came with (5 or 5.5 I think).
    Anyway, I tended to just use the search field at the bottom of main start menu to find my programs. Kind of a throw back solution but it worked well enough. I also added my favorites to the taskbar. New computer someday soon. Hope the Packard Bell works out for you.

  3. This machine has 4,000 times the memory of my first PC, and over 9,000 times the disk space.  It cost less than a quarter of the price too!

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