Increase in virus activity — 4 Comments

  1. Good choice.

    I’ve been getting those alarms about infected emails with one of my local IMAP accounts I have loaded into Thunderbird 3. Seems to fluctuate in frequency from one month to the next. Infected email does seem to be on the rise lately.

    The IMAP Gmail based accounts I also have loaded in Thunderbird stop that crap online so those don’t usually doesn’t reach the email client itself.

  2. I have an old Oceanfree address which long ago ceased to be something from which I could send mail, but which I still put into the Church of Ireland Directory so circular stuff goes into it. It gets hundreds of items of spam every day and maybe two or three times every day Norton will say that an infected attachment has been removed.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I got a virus in a mail. I guess that’s part of the joy of running your own mail server.

    Incidentially, I have never had a virus on any of my windows PCs and haven’t bothered using antivirus software since my sister moved out! Most antivirus software is terrible anyway and not particularly good at detection and removal either. Whenever I get a PC or laptop to sort out do use MalwareBytes however.

  4. Since I wrote this, I haven’t had a single alert. Weird? Maybe they read this site?

    I have an old Clubi account (back from the days when all accounts had to be paid for!). I use that specifically for online forms that require email addresses. Needless to say it is stuffed with spam. No viruses though…

    @Robert. You like living dangerously? I must say I have found Avast to be very good at the detection and removal/quarrantining of infections. It has saved my skin quite a few times.

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