Plotting journeys on Google Earth — 12 Comments

  1. Welcome 5h4mr0(k. In all my travels, I haven’t come across OpenStreetMap before. Looks very interesting (and slow)! Thanks.

    Ian: Which house? The one we stayed in?

  2. It must have considered you to be a spammer!

    There is no secret about where I was staying. If you want to find it, it was at
    44°50’18.04″N 1° 7’47.15″E


  3. Those canny French people have obviously devised some missile defence system, ensuring that whatever co-ordinates are programmed into a missile the only damage is a hole in a country road, causing no more harm than a ten minute delay in the delivery of the morning baguettes

  4. Hiya Baino! I trust you wore your best bib and tucker? I doubt I’ll ever see them up here. I don’t think they plan to photograph sheep.

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