Woopra on Google Earth — 7 Comments

  1. Initially it was because some of them were having serious imapct on page load times for some sites. In addition from using google analytics myself I found it to be lacking severely in functionality because quite a few visitors would have javascript disabled.

    In the end I just like messing with the heads of people who rely on such things. Mind you I did like the realtime feature of woopra but the novelty wore off after a while.

    Despite it all though, personally I prefer parsing the actual logs of a site. Much more meaningful and reliable. Having said that, I do run my own analytics site using Piwik which is handy sometimes to compare and contrast with the raw logs. So I guess I prefer being personally responsible for the data that’s collected. I have an inherent distrust of google and other third parties that I find impossible to shake!

  2. I added Woopra after I read about it on Grandad’s site ages ago, then like Robert, I dismembered it because I was having page load problems (unrelated to Woopra.)

    I just reactivated it a few days ago, and now read that they are out of beta and probably will want to charge to use their service.

    BTW: If ever becomes real time…

  3. Robert – I know a few people blamed Woopra for the terrible speed (or lack of) of the other site, but in fact it has virtually no impact. The problem I have with raw log files off a WordPress site is the sheer volume of files served up for each page load. The figures I get off the log files bear no relation to any other analytics software?

    Sixty – They are out of beta all right, but unless you have a hell of a lot of traffic, the free version should suffice?

  4. Don’t understand this stuff, but does that mean that you could add a network link to Google Earth with anyone’s website name on it and watch where their traffic comes from?

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