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  1. Very wise. You need time for dealing with eejits who can’t do basic things without worrying about the complicated stuff that brings in the money

  2. Well I crossed over and took a look. Not my cup of tea. Going back to the old bugger on the other side. Nice to see you though.

  3. I understand what you’re talking about… Being in a similar business I get the thickest of of the thick. One lady called me and kept going on about how her computer wouldn’t work. I had to walk across the whole damn building only to point out to her that it was unplugged.

  4. Daniel, she’s not the thickest of of the thick!
    The real thickest of of the thick is the lady I offered to help to as she chose ink for her printer in a computer shop.
    I asked her if she wanted Black Ink or Colour Ink.
    She said, ‘What’s the difference?

    Hi Other Fellow!
    Grandad sent me.

    Nice site. Way better looking than his.
    (He doesn’t read this, does he?)

  5. A very wise choice and I have no question as to why you did it. There simply comes a point in time when you have tell them all to zark off and enjoy life while you’re still able to enjoy it.

    And as far as the spam goes, tell the complainers to go get a Gmail account and to stop bothering you. πŸ™‚

  6. TT: Nice of you to drop by. Nice of you to bugger off again…

    Daniel: I have some grand examples from the time I had a Day Job, working in network and PC support. Though I think the best I ever heard was a support bloke in Dublin who had a call from Donegal to say the screen wasn’t showing anything. Having ascertained that it was plugged in and switched on, he drove all the way to Donegal with a spare monitor only to find that the screen was just so dirty that nothing could be seen on it.

    Kirk M: I chose a very bad time to shut down. Everyone thinks I have gone bust and are full of commiseration. I have to keep assuring them that it is volountary and something to be celebrated.

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