Finding the plot again? — 5 Comments

  1. I wish I had some awe inspiring advice to give you but unfortunately my own writing ability seems to have gone out for lunch a couple months ago and has failed to return so in lieu of that…

    Just do it. 😉

    And you never know…you just might get and idea for that last chapter of the old one while you’re writing the new one.

  2. Just do it” is probably the best advice for any aspiring scribe!

    Actually, the last chapter was complete. I just didn’t send it on. It is one of those little decisions I will for ever be eternally greatful!

    The one good thing about the exercise was that most of thecharacters developed properly. The main flaw (apart from a shoddy main storyline) was that the principle characters were all wrong. I have learned from my mistakes. I hope.

  3. Just don’t ever lose that first manuscript. And BTW, do you have a spare copy hanging around. If so and you don’t have particular use for it, how about sending it my way? I love reading pre-first editions that never got published.

  4. Kirk: It’s around somewhere on a CD or DVD or even a hard disk. I have had so many crashes in the last while, and things are backed up all over the place.

    I wasn’t that worried about archiving it anyway. Frankly, it’s a waste of disk-space. 😐

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