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  1. Thanks, Paul! I can’t confirm it with the publishers as the buggers are all still on holiday. I see Amazon have removed the “not published yet” line though?

  2. Welcome, Ian and Grannymar!

    I’m not worried about the tax. 1% of little is very little indeed.

    And is it only going to last only for a moment? I was hoping to get at least a day’s nice feeling out of it…!

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  4. Many congratulations Richard and you’re spot-on – it’s a wonderful feeling to see your book in a real live bookshop.

    Even better is when you see someone pick a copy up, glance at it … and then go to the cash register with it. Not because of the minuscule amount of money involved, but because they liked the look of it enough to buy your book. Still makes me smile every time 🙂

  5. Congratulations!!
    I had a book published many years ago – more a local history epic written to raise funds for my kid’s school. It was such a thrill when the County Libraries each purchased a copy for their reference section.
    Enjoy it – you deserve it!!!

  6. Hey well done. You should reach three figures easily with blog commenters alone! Quite an achievement. I know loads of writers who are struggling to be published, so you’re very fortunate and/or very talented.

  7. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    Rown: Does thak mean I have to lurk around the dark corners of bookshops waiting for people to buy? I might have a long wait?

    Sugar: I don’t know what the marketing plans are in the States, but it is available on Amazon UK for the last while. I believe it will be on Amazon US in a few weeks time.

    Kate: As it happens, I was talking to our librarian on Saturday. He has promised to get a couple of copies!

    Baino: I think it’s a combination of luck on my part and desparation on the part of the publisher?

  8. Congrats! Mister

    I look forward to seeing it on the shelves… and then filling out a request card at the library for a free read! 😉

    To the next one!

  9. Geri: I mad enquiries about sales in the UK, and apparently the shops won’t be stocking the book, but there should be no problem in ordering it?

    Steph: Cheapskate! 😉

  10. I decided to drop by and congratulate you over here as well as on that “other place”. Can’t wait for a copy to be sitting in it’s honored place in our library (after I read of course).

    Now that you’re a famous author I hope you’ll keep speaking to us non-famous types. 😛

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