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  1. Yeah, I’m waiting for mine. Don’t know how long it takes as they are made to order and its a busy time for Postie.Can’t wait though, there are some good writers there. Are yours and Grandad’s prevously unpublished?

  2. Mine was ordered last Sunday week, which should give you an idea of delivery times?

    Grandad’s was written especially, but posted on the blog subsequently.

  3. I got mine today, I’ve loved pretty much every story I’ve read so far. It’s funny though, seeing my own piece in writing caused me to see all sorts of flaws in it that I hadn’t properly picked up on by looking at it on screen. Also, I’m often put off by longish blog posts, but reading them in a book is far more pleasant. On that note, I’m really looking forward to that book you’ve ghost-written for Grandad.

  4. My only problem with it is that there are no comment links at the bottom of the articles.

    Ha! I thought exactly the same thing – both to see the comments people had left if/when the story was first published and also to see what newcomers would say.

    Great minds or fools?

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