Work imbalance — 15 Comments

  1. Obviously, you need to win the lottery so that you can hire him as your personal finances manager. Or groomsman, or valet. Something.

    This is a DAMN pretty website, Gra— um, er Mr. Richard. Lovely!

  2. Surely you could hire him as some kind of personal assistant type thing? Perhaps you could have him do your typing, in the same way that you to Grandad’s?

  3. Hi Richard,
    How nice to meet you at last!
    I have had a hell of a year employment wise – I had to leave my job of 21 years and take a £10,000 year drop just to save my sanity.
    I don’t envy anyone looking for work now – it’s hell out there!

  4. Darren: That would be awkward? I do Grandad’s and he does mine? Does Grandad do his?

    JD – If you had never played, think of all the money you’d have? It would be like winning the lottery!

    Kate: Nice to meet you too. Sanity is much more important than money. I’m living on a fraction of what I used to earn and I’m much happier!

  5. Whew, thank heavens. I was beginning to feel very beside myself you know. Since I’ve already introduced myself previously I’ll just leave it at that.

    Wish I could help you out with your problem. I find it ironic to the extreme that my massive technical background and my current physical condition, simply don’t mix up well at the moment, damn and blast it all.

    Anyway, glad you finally broke free of the cellar and hope you find the right individual to take your work off your hands.

  6. Kirk M – I know what you mean abiyt the technical experience not mixing with the physical condition!

    I have someone in mind. The only major problem is that my clients have an unreasonable sense of loyalty.

  7. Conan: I pleaded insanity (it wasn’t hard). I also claimed my uncle was the Director General. They always fell for that one even after five DGs.

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